The Aesthetes’ Ecosystem: a 360° overview. Cryptocurrencies Adoption.

7 min readMay 30, 2023


“The Aesthetes’ Ecosystem: a 360° overview” is a series of articles with the aim to highlight the several areas of the constantly expanding Aesthetes’ Ecosystem.

Over the past year, we have received suggestions from members of the community to increase our marketing efforts. While we acknowledge the importance of marketing, we believe it should not be the primary focus initially. Before investing resources, time, and money into marketing, it is essential to have a solid product to promote.

In the blockchain space, many projects prioritize marketing without having a tangible product in place. While we respect their approach, we choose to work differently. We have a medium to long-term vision for our organization, emphasizing the significance of having a product before anything else. Despite the challenging crypto winter that led to the closure of several blockchain projects, we have developed a comprehensive ecosystem.

Our ecosystem comprises various components, including, our Phygital and Curated Digital NFTs Marketplace,, our Web3 NFTs Marketplace dedicated to XRPL Community Projects,, a tech and blockchain news website with a specific focus on XRP and the XRPL ecosystem,, dedicated to the Fine Art industry, and our Art Gallery in the Metaverse on

As part of our roadmap, we are excited to announce that by the end of June, we will be launching the Projects Launchpad on This Launchpad will allow the ELS Community (also known as Elysianers) to vote and receive ATH on the XRPL as general NFTs IOU.

In the first article of our series of articles titled “The Aesthetes’ Ecosystem: a 360° overview” we have already focused on In this particular article, we shift our attention to the adoption of cryptocurrencies within our ecosystem, highlighting the role they play in our vision.

We believe that by building a strong foundation with tangible products and a comprehensive ecosystem, we are better positioned for long-term success. As we continue to evolve and expand our offerings, we remain committed to providing value to our community and embracing the adoption of cryptocurrencies within our ecosystem. serves as our Phygital and Curated Digital Marketplace, attracting over 4,000 users from 64 countries. Within this platform, we accept two cryptocurrencies, ELS and XRP, with ELS being the primary method of payment utilized by our Phygital and Digital Collectors.

As a gesture of appreciation for the ELS Community, also known as Elysianers, we offer special prices on our Phygitals exclusively to them.

To demonstrate our commitment to the community, we have announced via our Twitter profile, @aesthetes_art, that we are reserving 100 NFTs priced at 1€ for the top 100 Tier 1 Elysianers. The rankings will be determined based on the minimum amount of ELS held during the period of June 1st to 15th. Regular snapshots will be taken to track the ELS amounts and determine the top performers.

This initiative aims to reward our loyal ELS holders and foster a sense of community engagement. We value the support and participation of our Elysianers and want to provide them with exclusive opportunities to acquire NFTs at a highly accessible price point.

Our Twitter Announcement about the TOP100 ELS holders 1€ reservation.

At, we continue to innovate and create unique experiences for our users, with a strong emphasis on the adoption of cryptocurrencies and the engagement of our community. We invite all Elysianers to take part in this special opportunity and explore the diverse offerings within our Phygital and Curated Digital Marketplace.

Starting in June, we are thrilled to announce the introduction of a new periodic initiative: a 3% cashback in ELS on every purchase made on our platform, This exciting opportunity allows collectors, during selected weeks, to receive ELS as cashback while indulging in their passion for art and digital collectibles. The first one will be from 5th to 11th June. To ensure that our collectors are well-informed, we will provide regular updates through our weekly Newsletter prior to the start of each cashback period.

As the year progresses, we have another exciting prospect for the ATH Community, affectionately known as Athenians. By the end of the year, we will offer dedicated NFTs exclusively for the ATH Community to redeem. Similar to the NFT redemption mechanism on Collaterart, when Athenians redeem these special NFTs, ATH tokens will be burned in the process. This unique approach adds value and rarity to the dedicated NFTs, creating a rewarding experience for our esteemed ATH Community members.

We are committed to continuously enhancing the experience for our collectors and community members. Through initiatives like the cashback program and exclusive NFT redemptions, we aim to foster a thriving ecosystem that not only celebrates art and digital collectibles but also provides valuable opportunities for our loyal community members.

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as we strive to create meaningful and engaging experiences for our community. Homepage stands as our dedicated Web3 NFTs Marketplace specifically designed for XRPL Community Projects. Despite its relatively young age, the platform continues to grow with each passing day, witnessing an increasing number of listed collections. These collections feature NFTs available either in XRP or ELS.

An important aspect to note is that we do not charge any fees on transactions conducted through Instead, every transaction triggers a 1,589% fee in ELS, which is subsequently burned. This unique approach effectively decreases the overall supply of ELS, as the fee is directed to a blackholed issuer account.

Looking ahead, once the launchpad on is released (scheduled for the end of June), collectors will have the opportunity to redeem dedicated NFTs. It is important to emphasize that, as previously mentioned, this redemption process does not involve a traditional purchase. Rather, it results in the burning of ATH tokens, thereby reducing the overall supply of ATH.

We remain committed to fostering an innovative and sustainable ecosystem within the XRPL Community. By facilitating NFT transactions, promoting community engagement, and implementing mechanisms that decrease token supplies, aims to provide a valuable platform for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

As we approach the launch of the launchpad and further developments within our ecosystem, we look forward to providing exciting opportunities for our community members to participate and contribute to the vibrant world of NFTs on the XRPL.

Projects Launchpad on

By the end of June, we are excited to announce the upcoming release of our Projects Launchpad, a platform where the ELS Community, lovingly known as Elysianers, will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite projects to be listed. These votes will be based on the minimum ELS amount held during the period of June 1st to 15th, with periodic snapshots being taken to ensure fairness and accuracy.

As an added bonus, TIER1 users on will receive ATH tokens on the XRPL based on a ratio determined by the votes they have expressed. This rewarding system further encourages community participation and engagement. The minimum ELS threshold for voting and receiving ATH is 20.000 ELS (twenty thousands ELS).

In the blockchain space, it is common for projects to create their own IOUs, which can create isolated ecosystems. However, we have a different vision. We strive to build a cohesive NFT ecosystem, which is why we have chosen ATH to serve as the general IOU for numerous projects listed on This approach promotes interoperability and inclusivity within the ecosystem, fostering a sense of unity and growth.

Furthermore, starting from June/July, we will begin bridging ATH from the SGB network to the XRPL for all our esteemed TIER1 users who request it. This integration will provide greater accessibility and flexibility, allowing users to seamlessly navigate between networks and enjoy the benefits of ATH on the XRPL.

As we continue to expand and enhance our ecosystem, we are committed to creating a vibrant and interconnected environment for our community. Through the Projects Launchpad, the use of ATH as a general IOU, and the bridging of ATH between networks, we aim to empower our users and foster a thriving NFT ecosystem that transcends boundaries.


  • Buybacks: In Q4 2022 one of our business partner carried out a buy back operation of about 4 M ELS. The partner after having bought on the market the ELS, burned it. If and as our financial cash flow will let, our will is carry out further buybacks in the future. The tokens that will be bought will be freezed for a year and then they will be released for a maximum of 5% monthly.
  • Decreasing Supply. The partner that carry out the 4 M ELS buyback, burned also it. This activities, together with others and also the fees burned through brought, in just 1 year and half, the total supply from 1B to 995M.
  • Limited supply. In order to limited the ELS supply, as anticipated on Twitter in the Q2 2022, the main account rGF1e1oYnox6yFEXAq5Wt6sEH9GXGaRYXf has been frozen since the August 15th, 2022 and it will continue to be frozen for further at least 14,5 months until August 15th, 2024. Thanks to the freezing activity, the total supply is reduced to 653,215M.