The Aesthetes’ Ecosystem: a 360° overview. and the projects Launchpad.

4 min readJun 6, 2023

“The Aesthetes’ Ecosystem: a 360° overview” is a series of articles with the aim to highlight the several areas of the constantly expanding Aesthetes’ Ecosystem.

In the previous two articles We talked about, our Phygitial and Curated Digital NFTs Marketplace, and the Cryptocurrencies adoption in our Ecosystem.

In this Article We talk about and the projects Launchpad.

CollaterArt homepage

Why did we realised

When we embarked on our journey a year and a half ago, our primary goal was to dismantle the barriers that hinders the Fine Art Industry, such as financial and logistical obstacles. Our groundbreaking solution was/is a marketplace for Phygital NFTs. These NFTs are not only linked to authorized digital artworks but also represent fractional ownership of their physical counterparts. This concept initially gained traction within the XRPL Community, to which we belong, and garnered global recognition, including a mention in the prestigious Financial Times.

Despite facing challenges during the crypto winter and various hurdles associated with establishing a technological startup in the Fine Art Industry, we were determined to transform our vision into a tangible reality. In October 2022, we proudly launched Today, our platform boasts over 4,000 users from 64 countries and features a portfolio of approximately 100 talented artists.

As highlighted in our earlier articles, one of our key objectives at is to bring curated Fine Art to the XRPL. Prior to our platform’s existence, this form of digital art could be found on ETH, Tezos, or Solana, but it was absent from the XRPL.

However, as passionate members of the XRPL Community, we recognized the need for a dedicated NFTs marketplace that specifically catered to collections originating from the XRPL Community. This realization led us to launch While integrates Web2 and Web3 technologies, is solely focused on Web3. With just three simple clicks and by connecting your XRPL wallet, you can effortlessly collect your favorite XRPL Community NFTs.

We are proud to have created a vibrant ecosystem that bridges the worlds of fine art and blockchain. Our commitment to innovation and inclusivity drives us to continually expand our offerings and provide a seamless experience for art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. With and, We are revolutionizing the way art is appreciated, collected, and shared in the digital age.

Currently, we are delighted to offer a diverse range of 10 captivating collections on our platforms. These include “Art in Pixels” by the extraordinary artist Particles, which has garnered significant attention with one of the highest transactions on the primary market at 1,000 XRP. Another noteworthy collection is “Bored Katz Tiki Bar,” which originated on the primary market on and has now transitioned to, where it continues to be in high demand within the XRPL Community.

We are also proud to host “X-Avatars” by @Doge8art, which played a pivotal role in establishing as the first NFTs marketplace on the primary market for several days. Additionally, collections such as “Angry Apes,” “The Kiosk,” featuring NFTs inspired by news from, and “ArtsyApes” by the immensely talented artist Yona, who is also listed on with a range of Phygital Artworks, further enrich our offerings and S_e_r_g_i_o_589 with two collections. Lastly, we showcase two collections by XCHIBI on the secondary market. has been 1st for the primary market sales for several days. Data provided by Bithomp.

The projects Launchpad

Our vision from the start of was to create an NFTs Marketplace that empowers the XRPL community, particularly the ELS Community (aka Elysianers), by giving them the opportunity to vote for their favorite projects to be listed.

Starting from June 1st until the 15th, we initiated the first blockchain snapshot. The minimum amount held during this period will not only determine the eligibility for the TOP100 TIER1 ELS holders to participate in the 1€ Phygital Offer on but also counts as voting rights for the initial voting session on our launchpad. Each ELS snapshotted will equal one vote in the launchpad. We have set a minimum threshold of 20,000 ELS for this activity.

TIER1 users on who have voted will receive ATH on the XRPL as general IOU. ATH can be redeemed for various NFTs on and each time ATH is used to claim an NFT, it will be burned, steadily reducing the overall supply.

The ELS-Vote:ATH ratio will be determined for each session and communicated accordingly.

We are working to organize voting batches every 45 days, allowing the community to continuously engage in the decision-making process. Before every voting session, there will be the related snapshot period.