The Aesthetes’ Ecosystem: a 360° overview. A focus on

5 min readMay 27, 2023


Aesthetes is a comprehensive Ecosystem that offers 360-degree solutions to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the blockchain.

This article has the aim to highlight the several areas of the constantly expanding Aesthetes’ Ecosystem.

In 1 year and half, in fact, We launched:, our Phygital and Curated Digital NFTs Marketplace, our Web3 NFTs Marketplace dedicated to the XRPL Community Projects, a Website news about Tech and Blockchain with a particular focus on XRP and the XRPL Ecosystem, dedicated to the FineArt Industry and our Art Gallery in the Metaverse on

We are also ending our Projects Launchpad where the ELS Community (aka Elysianers) will be able to vote receiving ATH (on the XPRL) as general NFTs IOU.

We started to collaborated with about 100 Physical and Digital Artists coming from the whole globe (from Australia to Argentina) and several Art Galleries. Recently We began also a pretty unique collaboration with an Italian Public Institution for realising the first DigitalTwin NFTs based on 3 Roman hera artefacts that have abput 2,000 years each.

A 3d scan of a 2,000 years old Roman hera artefact

On, recently released, day by day the number of NFTs Collections listed increase both on Primary Market and on the Secondary one. Thanks to the launch of the amazing “X-Avatar” Collection by @Dogeh8er, has been the First Marketplace on the XRPL for primary sales for several days. has been 1st for the primary market sales for several days. Data provided by Bithomp.

With the aim to enhance our Global Brand and that of the Artists We work with, We run two promos on the TimeSquare Billboard and a further will be run. In the incoming promo, We’ll highlight in 2 Videos 7 Artists listed on that have been chosen by the Community on Twitter.

Our promo on the TimeSquare Billboard

As Fine Art and Blockchain company, We participated in many fairs and conferences in both industries, being speakers in several of them like the APEX 2022 in Las Vegas and the NYC-NFT 2023.

Let’s talk about

When was launched at October 21st, 2022, the first kind of #NFTs released were Phygital NFTs were the holder owns at the same time the 100% of a authorized and exclusive Digital Artwork and the Fractional Ownership of the Physical one. The first Phygital was “Lézardrieux” based on the “Lézardrieux” watercolor made by the famous post impressionist Artist Paul Signac. Soon after We released other 3 Phygitals based on the oeuvres: “Nicoise en costume local” by Berthe Morisot, “Absolute Dilemma” by Jason Balducci and “Appropriazione La Dama con l’Ermellino” by Enzo Fiore. Now We’re working on the oeuvre “Incomplete US Flag” by the Italian Artist Mario Arlati.

“Incomplete US Flag” by Mario Arlati

Realising a Phygital NFT requires a lot of time: 1. We have to buy the Physical Artwork, 2. to sign the agreement with the Artist to Digitally reproduce in an authorized and legal way the physical canvas respecting the copyright (We require to the Artists also the Digital exclusive on the Physical Artwork), 3. to 3d scan the physical artwork, to make the animated Video. All this process lasts about 1 year.

With the aim to increase the artistic offer to our thousands of collectors (currently about 4,000 coming from 64 countries), in November 22 We started to offer also PhygitalTwins, i.e. NFTs linked to a DigitalTwin of a physical canvas where the first Collectors receive also the physical artwork shipped directly by the Artist/ArtGallery. The First Artist that offered Phygital was the US Artist Jon Sarkin, followed by many others. This solution lets Physical Collectors to start to approach the Blockchain-NFTs space, receiving at the same time Physical Canvas that they are used to collect.

Jon Sarkin Profile on

Since a Curated Digital Marketplaces is present on many blockchains like ETH, SOLANA or TEZOS but on the XRPL was missing, in January 2023 We introduced also Curated Digital Artists coming from the best ETH Marketplaces. Many of them in fact are constantly featured in SuperRare, Foundations or NiftyGateway. All these Artists, used to ETH gas fees, appreciated the XRPL 0 minting fees.

At the time of writing (end of May 2023) about 60 Artists have been already dropped and many others are in line to be dropped. In order to highlight in the best way each new Artist, We schedule 3/5 drops per week, curating them.

Artists Page on

On as methods of payment are accepted: FIAT through Wire Transfer, Credit Card and Paypal and Crypto through ELS and XRP. Currently ELS is the main method of payment.

As ancitipated through our Twitter profile @aesthetes_art, to the ELS Community (aka Elysianers) are reserved Phygital at a discounted price. We are also reserving 100 NFTs at 1€ to the TOP 100 TIER1 Elysianers. The ranking will be based on the minimum ELS amount held in the Period June 1st — 15. Peridioc Snapshots will be held.

Our Twitter Announcement about the TOP100 ELS holders 1€ reservation.