Aesthetes. Uniqueness in the Unique.

2 min readMar 14, 2021

Oscar Wilde once said: “It is through art, and only art, that we can realize the perfection”.

Fine art is Beauty and Perfection.

It is unique and non — fungibile.

This is why it is so expensive, remaining just a dream for many.

Until the arrival of Aesthetes.

As startupper and Aesthetes, We strongly believe that the tokenization will disrupt a lot of industries and in particular the fine art industry, that till today, is a market niche.
Up to now infact to get the ownership right of an artwork, one has to buy the entire artwork.

But, Non Fungible Tokens (N.F.T.) could open up investment to a much wider audience. Thanks to a reduced minimum investment amount, everyone will be able to purchase a token that represents just a small percentage of the underlying asset.

For the first time in the Human History, technology will allow investors and collectors to buy and sell shares in fine artworks instantly, like actually we trade stocks.

Thanks to the Aesthetes, everyone will not be more obliged to buy the whole artwork that could cost millions of dollars.
Aesthetes will do it for you and it will divide the whole artwork in littler X parts, creating X N.F.T.s..

In fact, buying Non-Fungible Tokens, everyone will be able to own not only a token that reproduce a small percentage of a famous artwork, but a specific and non-fungible part of it.
#32 token of the selected artwork will correspond to a specific and unique part of it, different from the #42 part.

We are going to create the Uniqueness in the Unique.

Aesthetes will guarantee that no one else on Earth will have the chance to buy this N.F.T. representing the underlying part of the artwork, unless you sell it.

Aesthetes will be responsible to manage and take care of the underlying artworks, giving the custody to noted art galleries and museums.

To you is only asked to take care of your N.F.T.

Every owner will be able to know, at any time, the current status and position of the related artwork, in order to have the greatest possible transparency.

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