Aesthetes – Realizing the Uniqueness in the Unique.

In the previous article we saw the vision behind Aesthetes. As Aesthetes, we strongly believe that only through Art we can realize the perfection and we intend to disrupt the Fine Art industry letting everyone to take part in it.
As startuppers and blockchain investors, we will reach our aim through the tokenization that is the process of issuing a blockchain token reproducing a real tradable asset.

2 min readMar 19, 2021

For the first time in the Human History, technology will allow everyone to invest in the Fine Art industry instantly and 24/7.

How will Aesthetes work?

  1. We work instead of you. Aesthetes will participate to auctions of suitable fine artworks, trying to buy, for example, a famous painting for 1.000.000,00 $.
  2. We create the Uniqueness in the Unique. The whole artwork, once bought, will be reproduced into 100.000 Non-Fungible tokens valued at the beginning 10 $. Every token will reproduce a specific and unique part of that unique artwork.
    #3 N.F.T. will be different from #4 N.F.T..
  3. We will lists N.F.T.s s, letting each one to be independently tradable.
  4. We imagine a worldwide 24/7 market. You will be able to buy, transfer and sell every N.F.T whenever you desire, instantly and 24/7, like actually you do with BTC, ETH or XRP.
  5. We custody the artwork. Aesthetes will be responsible to manage and take care of the artwork, giving the custody to noted art galleries and museum. Every N.F.T owner will be able to know, at any time, the current status and position of the correlated artwork, in order to have the greatest possible transparency.
  6. We will let everyone to know that the N.F.T., correlated to the selected part of the painting, belongs only to you, both near the original oeuvre (using a specific QR code) and in the digital 3D reproduction.

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